What lens should you get first?

The question I get asked most often is What lens should I buy first? There are so many lenses on the market and when you are just starting out, most of the information sounds like another language.  Your first lens should do it all at an affordable cost. It should be fast, versatile, and good for most lighting conditions. It should also be small enough that you don’t mind carting it out and about while you are learning to use you camera.  My recommendation is for the lens I still use most often after 10 years as a professional photographer…even though I have lenses that cost 10 times as much! If you haven’t already bought a camera/kit lens combo, I would suggest that you buy just the camera body and not the kit lens, and get THIS lens instead…

Which camera lens should you buy first for great photos indoors and out? 5 reasons to get this lens! #photomunch #photographylessons

5 Reasons Why You Should Get the 50mm 1.8 …AKA “The Nifty Fifty”

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what camera lens to buy first

Yummy Blurry backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds allow your subject to really pop and prevent the background from drawing attention away from the subject. Lenses with a lower number aperture, like f/1.8, will help you achieve that look.

Get this camera lens first. Gives your images that nice blurry background. #cameralens #bokeh

 Cost Effectiveness

It’s about $130 for this lens, which if you’ve done any lens shopping, you know this is an amazing price. And you get so much bang for your buck with this lens! Make sure before you purchase that you verify that the particular model is compatible with your camera.  There is a 50 mm 1.8 lens that will work with your DSLR, you just need to make sure the one you are buying works with your camera.  There’s usually a section in the info that lists all compatible camera models.

no 03 Fixed Aperture

The Nifty Fifty lens does not zoom so you don’t have to worry about accidentally changing your Aperture. This will REALLY help when you are learning manual mode. Nothing is more frustrating than when you get your settings correct and then you zoom a little on a variable lens because when you zoom, the aperture changes and then your settings would no longer be right…so you would have to adjust the settings again.

no 04

 Focus on One Element in the Scene

Part of taking a great photograph is being able to intentionally focus on a particular area in the frame. You, the Photographer are deciding what is important for telling the story, not the camera! I love being able to focus on one aspect of the image to do this. Shooting with a lens that goes as wide as f/1.8 helps you achieve this look.

What camera lens will produce an image like this? #photographylessons #photomunch no 05

Light! Light! Light!

Last but NOT least…this is a big one! I really can’t say enough about how beautifully this lens lets in and captures light. When I first started using it, I would take a picture and look at the back of the camera and think, “Wow, I had no idea there was that much light in this scene!” Imagine shooting indoors without a nasty harsh flash…with this lens and a little natural light, you can!  Using a “wide open” Aperture like F/1.8, your indoor photos can look just as good as your outdoor images.

  Great lens for low light & indoor shots! This image was taken with a 50mm 1.8 lens. The nearest window (only light source) is over 20 feet away!

Ready to try it our for yourself?

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