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Moms Who Snap { Photography Workshops }

Your family has a STORY.

It isn’t always pretty but it’s yours and it is REAL and that makes it beautiful.

You have kids and right now the days are long, but the years fly by so quickly.  In the craziness and busyness of your day, you feel like the MOMENTS are slipping through your fingers.  You wish you could just slow life down so you could catch your breath and appreciate these amazing moments of your life with your family as they are happening.  You can’t afford to hire a professional photographer to follow your family around on a daily basis (who can??), but you do have a camera.  You wish you could take better photos…ones that make you smile and warm your heart. YOU CAN DO IT.  I will help.

What if we let go of trying to live up to the *not real* fantasy of family life that we see others portraying on social media?  What if we started celebrating the small victories we make every day (like getting kids to school with all of their clothing on their bodies, even if the 3 year old is wearing rain boots with her tutu and it’s not even rainy)?  What if we appreciated the little things that make our family wonderfully unique instead of focusing on areas we feel we don’t measure up?

What if you could do all that AND get precious, meaningful photos of your family??

Guess What. YOU CAN DO IT.  I will help.

After my workshop, you will not only be taking the kinds of photos you will absolutely cherish, but I believe you will actually be enjoying your crazy life more, feel more fulfilled, and be a better mom!  Seriously.

The Moms Who Snap Workshops are designed to help you get meaningful photos of your family using simple strategies you can implement immediately and start getting great results from day one!

Who is the Live.Snap.Love workshop for?  

Whether you are a mom who can’t imagine trying to wrangle her kids for a picture, or a professional photographer who is stuck in a rut and so burned-out you can’t imagine picking up your camera to take a picture of your own family, this workshop is for you.


What you will learn:

  • How to tell the stories of your family with photography
  • To get beyond “sit here and smile at the camera” images
  • The elements of story-telling and how to use them for better photos
  • Composition, perspective, and lighting guidelines
  • How to capture real moments
  • When to grab the camera
  • How to plan and create moments
  • How to be the kind of photographer that doesn’t send people running in the opposite direction
  • About getting in the picture
  • What to DO with all these amazing photos


At the end of the Workshop…

You will be taking photos that tell a compelling story about your loved ones.

You will see your family and life differently…fully…and appreciate your own unique story

You will be using the natural light in and around your home to create images you absolutely love.

You’ll be inspired to enjoy and experience life with your family.

You have a plan and know what you want to photograph.

You’ll be taking a wide variety of photos…your albums will be dynamic and interesting and most importantly, meaningful!


With this workshop you’ll also receive:

~ A private invitation to the Moms Who Snap Facebook mentoring page where you can continue on your journey to better photos with each snap.

~ A handy Cheat Sheet to keep in your camera bag

~ Links to free printables chock full of ideas to get your family enjoying life, bring your family closer AND give you lots of photo opportunities!

~ Workshop workbook which includes workshop points, inspiring images, a gold mine of ideas and information, and practice assignments ($145 value)

~ A Swag Bag of awesome gifts, discounts, and valuable resources ($75+ value)


What you will say after you take the workshop:

“I loved learning and taking photos with Jessica there to make suggestions and tell me what I’m doing right and what I might be able to work on.  I love that I now know why my photos looked so boring and amateur before and how to add interest with just a few simple adjustments to my (limited) technique.  Jessica is an excellent photographer, knows her stuff, will tell you the things you need to know to take better pictures no matter what level you’re at currently.” ~Erin P.

What is the workshop like?

You’ll gather a few friends in your home or other meeting place and spend about 3 hours learning how to get really meaningful images, feel empowered as moms and photographers.  We’ll have fun while practicing what we have learned with hands-on demonstrations.  This class can be done with or without kids…workshops may be held weekdays while the kids are at school or at night for a Mom’s Night Out, OR children are welcome to be home during the workshop so that we have a model to use for demonstrations, although with younger children I highly recommend having a helper or sitter to keep the kids in another part of the house to keep interruptions to a minimum and to get the most out of our time.  Recommended class size is 4-8 people.

$195 per person


Workbook (without the class) $145

Click Buy Now to get the Workbook (PDF download)



Now Available!!

If you have invested in a DSLR but keep it on AUTO, you are not getting your money’s worth and you probably aren’t getting photos you thought you would.  I can help you get your money’s worth out of your camera!

Snap Happy Workshops run 5 hours – Gather 3-5 of your friends and host the workshop at your home.

What you need to get started:

A DSLR Camera (usually Nikon or Canon with removable lens), SD Card, and a charged camera battery.  I also recommend you bring your camera manual, but it’s not required.

What you will learn:

  • Ins and outs of your camera
  • Manual Settings – aperture, ISO, and shutter speed
  • Exposure, Composition, and Metering
  • Finding and using natural light to enhance your photos
  • Techniques for getting natural expressions and candid moments
  • We will put it all together in the last hour by photographing a child outdoors

At the end of the Workshop…

You will be shooting without AUTO and using my simple strategies

You will be taking photos that tell a compelling story about your loved ones.

You will be using the natural light in your home and outdoors to create images you love.

You will be inspired and confident.

With this workshop you’ll also receive:

~ A private invitation to my Moms Who Snap Facebook mentoring page where you can continue on your journey to better photos with each snap.

~ 2 handy Cheat Sheets to keep in your camera bag

~ Workshop workbook which includes all the material for a reference and practice assignments ($175 value)

~ A Swag Bag full of gifts, discounts, and valuable resources ($75+ value)

What you will say after the workshop:

“I have read several books, manuals, etc. and it was like a foreign language.  I was definitely able to follow you, and what you were teaching us. It was cool to be able to work with my camera and have you there to ask questions when things didn’t work out as anticipated. It was also great to have you to explain specific functions on the different cameras.  Mine does so many things that I am still still trying to figure out.  Having picture examples with corresponding camera settings was VERY helpful!   And I have not put my camera back into auto mode — or even semi-auto modes — it’s full manual from now on!”  ~R.S.

$295 per person


  1. Bill Murrell

    Do you do any other workshop where you don’t have find others ?

  2. Jessica

    I’m planning on launching online classes early next year for individuals to learn at their own pace in their own homes. I’ll let you know when the course is available!

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