Planning a photo session for your family at the beach should be easy and breezy!  If you’ve got a trip planned for the beach this summer, you’ll want to pack a set of clothes for your family that will be good for photos.

I always say to plan your family’s outfits as if they are one big outfit. They should be coordinated but not necessarily matching.  For the beach, there are so many great options and it can get overwhelming so I’m going to help you out.

Start with 2 neutrals like khaki, white, denim, or light grey.  These are your base.  Now add a little color.  It can be as much or as little color as you like. If you like bright colors, go bright!  If you want a more subdued look, go with pastel colors.  Don’t be afraid of pattern but keep it simple, like wide stripes, or a small plaid on one or 2 people…not on everyone.  Texture and layers also add interest without distracting from the subjects (people).  I love a long flowing skirt on a taller mom.  It looks so pretty blowing in the breeze.


Okay, enough talk, here’s some examples:


This family looks great in mostly white with just a small pop of red.

Hats can add a little personality.  Here are examples of some stripes that work.

Proof that patterns can work too when combined with solids to balance. Here, denim and khaki are the neutrals.

Navy, Khaki, and white…classic.

Need more ideas? I have a whole Pinterest board for you!

So I hope you can see it can be very easy to pull together and it may be items you are already planning to bring!  Some of these pictures on my Pinterest board show shoes, but really you’ll probably be barefoot, so take that off your plate when your planning outfits for beach family photos.

Got a larger group?  Same ideas apply.  I find for larger groups, it is a little easier if you can tell everybody to wear at least one of your two neutrals if not both, and if they want to wear the color you chose for your pop, they can but don’t have to…or say only the girls/ladies will wear the pop of chosen color.  Remind them that they can add texture and layers, and the color might be just a necklace or a bow, or a whole dress.  That way not every person is wearing the pop of color and the eye can rest. This also works better with a lighter color or pastel so the ones wearing the color don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

What have you loved in beach photos you have seen?  Id’ love to hear from you!

If you want family photos on the beach, I’ll be in FLORIDA (Destin, Seaside, 30A area) on Jun 10-17, 2017 and I would love to set up a beach session with you!  Please email me

By the way, I’ll also be doing sessions in COLORADO August 2-7, 2017