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We are all super moms!  seriously.  Raise your hand if you have stretched your arm beyond conceivable reach to get the toy that fell in the car, or read an extra bedtime story (or two or three), or changed a dirty diaper without gagging (or bragging), or made dinner while holding a baby on your hip, or made a boo boo better with your kiss.  Somehow, we manage to get the kids awake, dressed, and fed, faces clean, hair and teeth brushed, with homework, lunches, jackets, and tied shoelaces out the door, kissed and hugged and to school on time every morning!

In recognition of Super Moms everywhere, here’s a free printable Weekly Menu Planner to help us be even more super…if that’s even possible!  I’ll admit that I am not the most organized person, so I usually end up running to the store at least 4 times a week for this and that so I can make a dinner that I, of course, do not have all the ingredients for.  Hopefully this Weekly Menu Planner will help me just make one good trip.  I made this so I (and you) can cut off the grocery list portion to take to the store and put the menu portion on the fridge.  I am thinking I will save the used menu plans for when we are in a food rut and need ideas…or for recycling a whole week’s menu plan to save the time for creating one from scratch!

Click Here to Download the Weekly Menu Planner

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