I love anything that has patina, or evidence of being well-loved.  Squeaky screen doors, super soft teddy bears with a missing eye and falling off nose, faded paint on an old barn.  You know, everything in my house is “distressed”…if I didn’t buy it that way it got there in a hurry with my family.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Fingerprints on all the windows and refrigerator doors, little purple marks from out-of control markers on the coffee table, dents on the kitchen table from many family meals and school projects.  These are signs of a beautiful life.

With that said, you know I was in hog heaven when I got to shoot this gorgeous family who happens to own an awesome old blue ’65 GMC Truck because, as they put it, “That’s how we roll.”  I’m so glad they decided to include it in their session! Oh, and check out the plates!


(They said they may even be willing to rent it out for photo sessions!)