A quick funny about Barrett: Before Christmas, Barrett said to me, “Oh man! I forgot to tell Santa something I wanted!” I asked what it was he forgot. He said (and I’m not kidding), “I forgot to tell Santa I want an Air Guitar!” Bwah ha ha ha!

My mom asked me to do her Christmas cards again this year (Thanks for always having faith in me, Mom).  She wanted to do something more playful and relaxed and she wanted everyone in pajamas.  So we just piled everyone on the bed and I shot, bribed, and shot some more.  Afterwards, my mom left convinced that we would have to try again another day (Umm…what about having faith in me?)  We did not do another shoot and I think her cards turned out awesome!  I might be a little jealous.

She got Christmas cards and I got some great pictures of my mom with my kids that we will all treasure.