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Meet Jessica

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a portrait photographer in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I offer custom photography sessions for newborns, children, families, and seniors. I strive to keep sessions fun and relaxed because I believe the real you is captured best when you are truly enjoying yourself and the company of your family.  I don’t just want to take a picture of what you look like, I want to photograph who you are.

I love what I do and I hope it shows in my work!

I am the mama of three adorable children, who also happen to be the most difficult children in the world to photograph.  No seriously. I love ’em to pieces, but they are. Through their challenges, I have learned some great tricks for getting cherished images out of kids who are less than thrilled about having their picture taken.  My husband is the most amazing man ever and he also happens to be my best friend/ weatherman/ one man technical support team.  In my spare time, (what’s that?) I like to take pictures of my kids,  dance in the kitchen, go on family bike rides, go to the movies and on dates with my husband, play basketball in my driveway, and push the kids on the swings.


Here are some fun tidbits about me:

~ I love to travel

~ I am an avid ellipsis user…I write it like I think it…which means lots of awkward pauses and ramblings.

~ I am a serious chocoholic, but I once went TWO YEARS without even a mini morsel of the wonderful food.

~ I am an untalented but enthusiastic singer. I like to really belt it out in the car and then ask the kids if I sound exactly like the person on the radio…to which they yell, “NO!”  The baby just covers her ears and says,”EI,EI,EI-O” to drown me out (she says an extra EI).

~ I hate to admit it, but I love to watch The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

~ I have a Masters in Architecture…you’d be surprised how much architecture and photography have in common!

~ I didn’t know I was pregnant with my 3rd child until I felt her kick…at 19 weeks!

~ I love to play games. My favorites are Scrabble, Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, Texas Hold ’em, Spades, and Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends

~ I am addicted to unsweetened iced tea and my car is magnetically drawn to Sonic for my Route 44 Tea fix.

~ I love all types of music…Texas country, pop, oldies, rock, 80’s hairband, Christian…and I have a strong fondness for ukulele music and pop songs featuring a gospel choir.  Seriously.

~ I like to read…non-fiction mostly, and sometimes fiction, but only if everyone else is reading it.

~ I love farmhouse tables, wearing black, cowgirl boots, my husband, surprise hugs from my kids, patina, galvanized metal, cookies and cream Blue Bell, inspiring quotes, my girlfriends, Texas Rangers, peonies, and being right.

 My 3 kids (left to right) Kyle, Annabelle, and Barrett


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