My baby girl turned one! We had a Candy Shoppe Party for her since she’s so sweet!
invitation blurred

The invitation

a party collage
We had lollipops, soda pop, and flavored popcorn. Jellybeans, bubble gum, and pink lemonade. There was a Guess-the-number-of-gumballs-in-the-jar contest and jelly-bean-bag game.

a party 01
These are just snapshots…sometimes I just have to be a mommy and not a photographer.  Her expressions are priceless!

a party03

a party 04

A party 05

A party 06

A party 07
After the cake, Gigi, Grandma, and Aunt Pam whisked Annabelle off to the tub after this shot for a “quick bath” that seemed to take a very long time.  They asked themselves, “How many grandmothers does it take to bathe one baby?”

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating her first precious year!  Thank you my mom for taking the extra/leftover fabric and making the cutest little blanket and purse for Annabelle!


CLICK HERE to download the free lollipop labels printable——>