Lego Birthday Party

For Kyle’s fourth birthday party, we had a little Lego themed get-together with mostly family and a couple of friends. I made Lego block shaped cakes and the candles were held up by 4 little Lego men (AKA MiniFigures to the die-hard Lego lovers). We had a Lego hunt where the kids hunted for Legos on the porch. I made Lego Man Pops out of marshmallows and candy melts. The connector (top knot) part was made by cutting a small marshmallow in half and sticking it to the top before dipping in the yellow candy melt. I drew the faces on with food markers.

When Kyle’s teachers asked him about his birthday party, he said excitedly, “We had jellybeans!” Yup folks, that’s right, I went to all that trouble of making Lego Man Pops, the Lego Block cake, a banner, etc, but the highlight for him was the jellybeans I bought on a whim. figures.

Kyle showing off his loot from the Lego Hunt.

Isn’t it hilarious how other kids always try to blow out the candles? I know I have some pics like this from when I was little where my cousins are blowing out my candles.

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