One night shortly after Christmas, we were talking at dinner and somehow came up with this crazy idea to build a contraption to pull out Barrett’s wiggly tooth.  Then, we said we’d make a video and send it into that video show and then the boys started talking about how they were going to spend the money they would win…you know how it is when you buy a lottery ticket and spend the next hour planning exactly what you’d do (cuz your odds are so good, how could you NOT win?).

Well, yesterday was the day.  The tooth was ready to come out.  I am a little embarassed about how long it took Cody and I to figure out how to set this thing up so it would work.  This is the kind of thing I would have loved as a kid, so I knew we HAD to make it happen, even if it wasn’t as grand as we had pictured in our heads.

Here’s our video: (tell your ears I am sorry…I can’t stand the sound of my voice on this video…ugh!) Cody and I think the best part is the “roar” sound you hear from me during the slo-mo part!

Of course I had to get some pics of the toothless wonder brothers.  (Kyle knocked his tooth out a couple months ago in a furniture jumping accident…the poor tooth never saw it coming)

boys missing tooth01