Sometimes I hear people wondering if they really need to take a family photo every year.  Hmm…  I know I’m biased and completely sentimental, but YEAH!

 Here’s why:

1. Your kids will only be at this age/stage for a short time.  Next month those 2 missing front teeth with grow in and seem huge in his small mouth and a year from now his mouth will have grown so much those same teeth no longer look big.

2. Someday, your kids will look back on your yearly pictures and see how your eyes are filled with love as you look into theirs.  They will remember that they were little stinkers at times, but see that you love them no matter what, year after year.

3. Someone once said, “To see what a person holds most dear in life, look at what they photograph.”

4.  Right now your kids willingly hug each other…which (I’m told) may not always be the case.

When a family trusts me year after year to capture them and their moments, I’m honored.   Providing top-notch images, treasured memories, and developing a lasting relationship are what I strive for with all my clients.  I truly enjoy watching your kids grow up year after year!